Gabi Mendez

Gabi Mendez is a west coast artist living and art-making in Chicago. Her work tends to be about friendship, misadventures, and the absurd experience of growing up. She makes a lot of silly comics, says "dude" too much, and just wants everyone to feel included.

Instagram @hobbleshmobble


H-P Lehkonen

H-P Lehkonen was born in a tiny village called Ikkeläjärvi in the Finnish countryside. The population of the village was only 150 people and because most of them were elderly, all H-P was able to do was to draw comics. It was a lucky coincidence that they happened to love comics, and now they have built a career around them!

Being a transgender nonbinary queer person, H-P just wants to make comics that they would have wanted to see as a kid. Comics with diverse queer characters that you can relate to! H-P's stories are mostly very light hearted and humorous. It's important to H-P to have fun when reading and making comics!