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The Wicked & The Tired


A comic anthology on surreal horror and the unending anxiety of living
74 pages, Color, paperback
Mature Readers

Featuring art and comics by Connie Chu, Woodbury Rand, Gabi Mendez, Gabe Howell, Yewon Kwon, Daimon Hampton, Rivven Prink, A. Cris Valles and Sheika Lugtu.

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"The Wicked and the Tired is not only a fascinating, haunting, comics anthology, it's also a beautiful and transporting art piece." - Geeks OUT

"...incredibly well-paced, and gives each story space to breathe and function as it’s own piece." - Alenka Figa, Women Write About Comics

Lost friends, loneliness, frustrated desires and the minefield of adulthood. These are the monsters that keep us up at night, exhausted yet restless. In this anthology, four cartoonists explore the monsters that haunt them.

Gabi Mendez's Witches unexpectedly meet in the night and remember past mistakes while in Yewon Kwon's HALOVITA a curtain of watchful eyes reveal a deeply familiar inner horror. Gabriel Mason Howell tantalizes, stalks, hungers and loves with two stories of introspective passion. Lastly Sheika Lugtu's monster-child travels through a surreal landscape in search of his parents. These stories are punctuated with illustrations by Woodbury Rand, A. Cris Valles, Daimon Hampton and Rivven Prink. In turns heart-felt, intimate, creepy, and cute; The Wicked and the Tired delivers an oblique glance at the monsters in our closet.