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PRE-ORDER BUNDLE: Lemonade Summer


This pre-order bundle comes with:

  • The softcover book Lemonade Summer by Gabi Mendez
  • A DRM-free PDF version
  • One (1) random postcard from the chapter covers
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Additional Info

Lemonade Summer by Gabi Mendez is an all-ages graphic novel about queer children, adolescents, teens and young adults coming of age in positive environments and finding supportive communities. The book is 136 pages with full color soft-cover and chapter covers. Each story is a monochromatic color scheme mirroring the sun from noon to dusk, reflecting the characters' growth in the book. The stories feature young, queer characters who grapple with the conflicts of their own worlds. 

What folks are saying about Lemonade Summer

"We were lucky enough to get a glimpse at Lemonade Summer and the comic is lovely, showcasing a positive, sweet, and loving representation of the young queer experience! Mendez is clearly an amazing talent, and her sweet, soft art is a wonder to behold." Rosie Knight, The Nerdist

"The premise is sweet, the art is cute and the project itself is important — there just aren’t enough stories for queer kids about queer kids." Jameson Hampton, Rogues Portal & Women Write About Comics

"Positive narratives about LGBTQ and non-binary folks are sadly uncommon in popular media, especially when it comes to children centered works. This vibrant and fun collection would be a great addition to a summer reading list." Andrea Ayres, ComicsBeat

"FINALLY!! Queer comics for children!! (And I’ve seen some of these and I’m 30 and they were still amazing!)" HP Lehkonen, Short Gay Stories, Life Outside the Circle

"It’s a powerful debut that is emotionally raw while being sweet, funny, and playful on many levels." Alex Dueben, Smash Pages

"What I love about this collection is that these marginalized identities are important to each story. However, they don’t dictate the plot. These are just kids and young adults going on adventures." Ashley Wertz, ComicsVerse