Lemonade Summer by Gabi Mendez

We're excited to announce Lemonade Summer by Gabi Mendez, an all-ages collection of comic stories about acceptance and friendship.

Kickstarter launches March 1

In the summer of our dreams, young pirate runaways learn to accept each other regardless of gender presentation. The new girl in town finds solidarity in female friendship. A roller derby unexpectedly lights the spark of a first-time crush. Friends find confidence in their own voice, and teens face the uncertainty of growing up.

“There are stories about kids and growing up, and there are stories about the LGBT experience; but the two don't often intersect in a positive way. LGBT issues aren't just adult issues! My stories are for all ages: positive stories of kids and young adults navigating life and helping each other while not ignoring their identities as transgender, bisexual, non-binary, lesbian, and more.”

- Gabi Mendez

Lemonade Summer opens with “Strays”, a kid-friendly introduction to non-binary gender expression and inclusivity. “Witching Hour” forces two estranged friends to face up to their inner demons. “Sk8r Girl” just makes us blush and “Ro & Ella,” is about the pre-teen struggle to make friends. “Treasure Hunting” follows two teenagers dealing with the looming future and “Aventurera” takes us on a road trip. Ending with “Dawning” as our characters go off to college, this story reflects the fear of new situations and hoping to find a supportive, inclusive community.

Kickstarter for Lemonade Summer launches March 1.

Help us bring this book to life and get it into schools, libraries, LGBTQ spaces and youth centers! Reward tiers will include postcards, prints, original art, a work-in-progress booklet, extra stories and more.

GABI MENDEZ is a Latinx artist, bouncing between living in the West Coast and art-making in Savannah, GA. Her work tends to be about friendship, misadventures, and the absurd experience of growing up. She makes a lot of silly comics, says “dude” too much, and just wants everyone to feel included.

Twitter & Instagram: @hobbleshmobble

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